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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein


Vicki Todd Hypnotherapy is client centered hypnosis geared towards deep and lasting changes. Each session is customized to your concerns. Changing your life begins by changing your perspective. What you believe largely determines the way you experience life. These thought patterns dictate how you behave and react to the world – whether they’re empowering or disempowering you. Change how you think, and you feel better and do better. It's  like pulling weeds from the roots.

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My goal is to achieve yours. Whether its pain management, anxiety, or taking back control, you will learn how to apply changes in your own mind and body. Many people find that breaking bad habits is one of the hardest things to do. The same is true about letting go of emotional baggage from the past or shedding worries about the future. 

It is possible to achieve those objectives in just few a hypnosis sessions. The key is learning how to communicate with your own mind so that it agrees to work with you, instead of fighting against you. Through hypnosis you can unlearn negative beliefs and counterproductive behaviors so you can rediscover the confidence and motivation to become your best self.

Vicki offers a 20 minute complimentary phone conversation if you have questions or would like to learn more. You can book online, or email or text or call at 415-234-0300 to set up a time. 

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VICKI                  TODD

I have lived, traveled and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and London for the past 20 years and decided to make my way back to the USA when my two children went to University. I knew instantly that San Francisco would become my home after my first visit. I am passionate about my Great Dane,  hiking, cooking, wine and food and SF seems to have it all. 

My journey with Hypnotherapy began in 2010 when I was living in South East Asia and contacted a virus that caused my lymph nodes to swell and severe pain everywhere. I went to Mayo Clinic and a doctor on my team suggested I try hypnotherapy in combination with pain medicine to relieve the pain, and my results were life-altering and within a few months I was off of all the pain medication and on my way to recovering. In 2012 my GP in London suggested I go to a Hypnotherapist for sleep issues and again my issues resolved. I began researching and studying hypnosis and knew I had found my calling.

  • Vicki Todd is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the A.C.H.E.

The A.C.H.E. is the primary organization that has been responsible for the recognition and regulation of hypnotherapy training in the USA. This organization is a state-chartered, non-profit professional corporation that has established standards for specialized education and maintains standards of practice and a code of ethics.​ Member #417-122

  • Additional Education

Professional Member of the American Hypnosis Association #003849

Member of the International Hypnosis federation #14543

Certified Regression Specialist

Certified Pain Management Specialist

Certified Pre and Post Surgery Specialist

Certified Weight Management Specialist

Certified PTSD Specialist

Certified IBS Specialist

Certified ADHD/ADD Specialist

BIS Degree University of Minnesota in Psychology,

Communications and Marketing