A Bit About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of rapid learning and heightened focus. When we change habits  and behaviours with hypnosis using our subconscious mind the changes happens easily, naturally and quickly.


Everyone experiences hypnosis daily in moments of zoning out while driving or responding emotionally to a movie, TV show, book, or video game. In a hypnosis session you achieve a similar state intentionally. You’re aware, in control and deeply relaxed. In hypnosis your unconscious mind becomes receptive to new thoughts and behaviors. Hypnosis can also help you access inner resources for creativity, insight and growth.


Scientists have found that we all have many times more mental and physical ability than we normally use. Hypnotherapy provides a tool to unlock and utilize these abilities, releasing you from the negative cycle of behavior, and allowing your full potential to emerge.

Everyone has the resources, but not everyone utilizes them. In hypnosis we tap into your unconscious and unleash the power within. Everyone can benefit from hypnosis. If you need to overcome a habit or phobia, reduce anxiety, pain or perform at your best, hypnosis can help you achieve your ideal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Hypnosis is not magic, however it can feel magical.

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