Getting pregnant is not just about having sex at the ‘right’ time or going through the motions of IVF. The mind can have a very powerful influence on the whole process of conception. Negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors can all lead to increased anxiety and sometimes depression, getting in the way of your goal of conceiving. The hardest thing to hear when you are trying to address fertility issues is, ‘you must remain positive, try not to think about it too much.’ As true as this advice may be, many people need support in reaching a relaxed and optimistic mind-set during what can be one of the most important and stressful times of your life. Hypnosis will help you to change your mind-set and learn to let go. Vicki Todd uses techniques to challenge your negative beliefs and to come up with strategies to help you cope positively and to maximize your fertility potential. This is a 6 session package tailored to your needs.

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