quit smoking

Are you ready to give up cigarettes, or weed? Then it's time take the first step and set up a call. As a smoker, your unconscious mind expects you to smoke. Perhaps you crave a puff with coffee, alcohol or when stressed. Maybe you smoke to alleviate boredom or to punctuate your working day. These associations are so strong that willpower has not been enough to enable you to quit.

Understanding your smoking habit is key to breaking it.  My stop smoking hypnotherapy protocol is simple and enjoyable and in the majority of cases, my clients quit smoking in one session. If you need a follow-up session we schedule that as needed. 

Vicki offers a 20 minute complimentary phone conversation if you have questions or would like to learn more. You can book online, or email or text or call at 415-234-0300 to set up a time. 

Or if you are ready to book now just hit the book now button select new client session.