Elyse Berg

What Vicki helped me accomplish in just three personalized sessions is unbelievable. She helped me detach angry and anxious feelings I have from situations or moments she helped me clear up the past, making these feelings completely disappear. Through helping my mind eliminate old negative habits of thinking, she has directed me towards a healthier life.

Stan L.

Vicki is a fantastic hypnotherapist.  She took her time with me and really made me feel comfortable and so relaxed.  Her voice combined with the music helped me drop into a state where I could feel the stress and tension leaving my body.   I needed help getting past my procrastination and it's working!  I really started to notice the benefits after a couple days when I realized I was getting much better sleep at night and felt more energized and positive during the day.  I'm looking forward to our next session.

Fran Bee

Vicki helped me lose 30lbs that I have been trying to take off for the past 5 years. Hypnosis helped me push past my sugar addiction and motivate me to exercise and control my portions. For the first time ever I am not thinking about food and getting on with my life.


I was having a lot of trouble at school and getting ready for the SAT text. Vicki helped me push past my test anxiety and improve my school work and test score. I also learned a lot of techniques to help me cope in school and with my anxiety outside of school. She helped me find the confidence to move past my issues and finally feel like I have control again.